December 1, 2012

con ver sa tions: it make sense in the sit u ation

you know you have the crooked nose.
wow look at that crooked nose.

the greed.
the back stab

from the one person i thought the world of

ends up being the...

its ok

accept it

your one in a billion

a what

not a million a billion

it's ok that you think that way

accept it,


i've always felt that way.

 i think that's everybody.

your carrot.

everybody has their own carrot.

like the bunny and it's carrot.

i never thought about making money.

now i want to make money.


a lot of money.

You want to go to college?

Oh you want to open that hub?

it's going to change the quality.

we grow up like that

like money is bad.

like it's good to be poor

like im limited...

 but im hungry again

i was going to go to NY

i had everything planned

the company i was with

 the FBI came in.

I'm gonna take the opportunity.

i want to snap out it.

like we get that money.

i want to exercise  .

i don't want to be old.

i saw a guy that was my age. he looked like he was 60.

sometimes we are too hard on ourselves.

we are like,

it's like ,

cuando son,...

it's like a fly that gets stuck on the glass...

but underneath it is the open air

but we are stuck on that glass...

when you make your movie.

you'll be,

you'll be rent your lighting,

your camera.

there are a lot of things to learn about film making.

when you get this.....

when you listen to the bass.

first you had to get technical then the talent had the rest.

after a while...

 if you decide to go into filmmaking

 it'll be a struggle.

but when you do people will ask "what the fuck is this?"

i used to be the one yelling out all the suggestions,'

then i got confident.

i got really good advice.

i like this film and i thought

why do i like this film?

it's being real.

it's touching  =me.

I love watching spiderman

 i love stories.

and i was watching a movie where parents were having an affair with each other.

You know what i mean?

the separation. watch this.

won the best movie...201-....2011? Sundance.

from the littlest thing that happened.

ah! the acting!

my friend is arabic.

he said it's simple.

"they are going back and forth..."

it looks like a documentary.

a lot of people don't know about muslim, islam, and how the women and men relate.

this director tied in a lot of beliefs that the muslims had without all the judgement...

i saw this movie that reminded me of your beliefs.

it's a story you told me when you were younger.

it's obvious but confusing.

timid and selfless.

that's what relationships are

fighting and loving each other.

i forget the name of the movie


an interpretation of Fernelly Sr.

arabic movie.

acting is crazy.

it looks like a documentary.

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over a year ago...

October 17, 2011

remember when?

a holz video - had this for so long...finally did a small edited version of it:

August 8, 2011

magic dragon

a music video of Rainer Hirl's "Magic Dragon" with his very own invented Acpad Guitar.

Edited by Ashley Benzwie and put together by Ashley Benzwie, Elisa Zambelli, Rainer Hirl, Maria De Corrado, and Jessica Snidersich

January 26, 2011

Anthons Experiment

 It is a film the last chance we have. We would love for you to join us on the cozy couches of the Frühperle (Boddinstr 57A) and come see our latest short film, Anthons Experiment ....just before we venture off into new places.

Wir freuen uns!
Viele Liebe Grüsse,
Ashley und Elisa