February 26, 2010

Details to any detail...

With anyway of the many ways to seperate and coagulate, to be involved and remain mysterious, to say it strange or to say it straight, and the way that there is always room for too little and too much....

Stoked to see the transformation coming....

More People within a Person



Troppo in ritardo

Silvester its too late. 31 Dezember 2009.

February 24, 2010

Adjusted Date for Next Event

Ok scratch Feb 20 - es ist schon verpasst.
MARCH 20 wahrscheinlich in die Schönstedtstraße in die nähe von Rathaus Neukölln.  

Thema  - Etwas wie Micro und Macro COSMUS. . . . Metamorphasis und so weiter.
Wie immer mit musik, künst, und getränke

Bestimmter Details Kommt sehhhhhhrrrrr bald.  Bis dahin !

February 9, 2010

Upcoming Event

Save the Date for February 26.

Specific details are to be announced. But get ready for the next big Ideenfabrik event ! ! !

Story Book: Fox & Plows

Elisa and Ashley are beginning to work on illustrated story with various fictional characters: including foxes, snowplows, and the snowiest winter one could imagine....sound familiar?

It is a very time consuming process but get excited for it !

February 8, 2010

Family Portraits

Dienstag Abend: Licht 'Setup'

Mittwoch Abend: Photo Machen

Konzept: "FAMILY PORTRAITS" Kostüm machen / Photo Party, Kleider und Objekte mitbringen

' Friends are the family we choose '

Donaustraße 99! See you there (:

February 5, 2010

Silvester "it's too late" bilder

Mostly random moments at the new year's party. Teatro Napoletano, Josma's works, Kuietsch and Toc-toc. More to come, hopefully.