May 24, 2010


Some other new projects that for one reason or another connect or not with other future projects from the collective:

a) Pepita music video
Paraic and Jorge will film a music video on a song from Mexican band Lunes, a day in life combined with setupstadt photo project idea and kostenloslife documentary project. Plus we use the donaustrasse as a starting set, meshing nicely with Festival des Traumbaus concept and needs. -visuals kommt später-

b) Strategies on space invasion perfomance
Sonia Klajnberg and Jorge will hold a performance 12th june in hobrechtstrasse 59.
..installation, live music and soundscapes, video and dance/performance.
the performance talks in images about entropy, chaos and a world / stage where everything plays an important / pointless role in it. the high importance of pointlessness of life, and because is pointless it should not be taken lightly, its very easy to get lost in it.

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