May 23, 2010

zum Verschenken

Last Tuesday Fernelly and I sat on the stairs of Rauthaus Neukoelln:
  • Pair of leather shoes found near the Neukölln Stadtbad
  • a Detroit Pistons cap leftover from our Projekt Objekt objects. 
  • A wooden box as pedestal and a sign that says 'Geschenk' (gift)

One of our interactions:

Man with light black/grey cap takes off his cap tries on our ours,  tell him "es passt perfekt". The blue and red of the American team's cap matches his blue workers uniform perfectly.   That day I didn't get a photo of him.  UNTIL the next day when I saw him at Blage for Voku and reminded him of the exchange asking if I could photograph him.  Apparently before I got there the man was making a scene throwing bottles telling the people at blage that he would call the police if they didnt quiet down, claiming he lived upstairs, but everyone tells me he was buzzing the apartment repeatedly trying to get into the building.  Anyway unaware of all this,as I arrived to the bar, I saw him got excited as he was teling thers to quiet down, and I reminded him of the cap exchange from the day prior.  Everyone around me had no idea what I was talking about, I asked him to take a photo, he took a break from his rants, smiled  for two photos, then I assured him that I'd try to get people quitely inside. Then received a million questions from my friends as to what he was doing with 'my hat'

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